The Direct Access Community of Practice has several purposes. The main one is to help entities accredited through direct access to the Green Climate Fund and Adaptation Fund (or seeking such accreditation) successfully access and program finance from the funds. In particular, the Community aims to support knowledge sharing between the accredited entities.

More specifically, community members have expressed interest in, among other things:

  • An online platform that allows entities a space for communication and sharing of material among themselves. See more about this platform under "member chat rooms."
  • Development of a capacity building and training of trainers programmes with modules in several languages on the themes relevant to direct access entities, with a focus on accreditation, project development, and monitoring and evaluation of projects. These programs would support the capacity within entities themselves, as well as the development of a roster of certified experts to support national institutions with the accreditation and project development process. 
  • Organisation of regional or sub-regional forums and global workshops. These meetings will allow both for a direct exchange of experiences among NIE, and the development a true community of practitioners.
  • Gathering of organized feedback and suggestions from direct access entities to inform the board and secretariats of the climate funds, and the UNFCCC COP negotiators.
  • Support for bilateral cooperation between direct access entities. The aim is to enable entities to work directly in partnership with each other, or with national institutions that are in the process of applying for accreditation, to share experiences, and collaborate on capacity building initiatives and funding proposals.